The Power of VE on VE Channel


“The Power of VE” has been posted on VE Channel.

This phrase is the slogan of the 2016 SAVE Value Summit that was held on June 5-6, 2016 in Niagara Falls, ON CAN.

Please click here for more information. Report of the conference (but Japanese) and Video of on-site report (but Japanese)


When I tried to abruptly interview during coffee breaks, these experts from around the world were depending willingly.

And they have told with passion about their experience, impression and thoughts regarding VE.

I sincerely appreciate them below.

Drew Algse USA
Jose Theiler USA
Mary Ann Lewis USA
Hisaya Yokota Japan
Hein de jong Netherlands
Warren Knoles USA
Istvan Tarjani Hungary
Jay Bytheway USA
Mark Nedzbala USA
Marc Pauwels Germany
David Wilson Canada
Ginger Adams USA
James Rains USA
Steve Holmes Canada
Timme Hendriksen Netherlands
Donald Parker USA
Javier Masini Mexico
Katherine Bethany USA
Richard Harrington USA
Vivian Gilles USA
Bruce Lenzer USA
Lucie Parrot Canada

Check out this video.